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Developments in green chemistry have proven that it is possible to create excellent products without the use of toxic chemical substances, instead using ingredients derived from nature that improve the hair structure with each treatment. We proudly use OWAY for all of our hair treatments.

Organic Way of Life

What is Organic Hair?

The highest quality hair colour and care products created consciously with people and planet in mind. Made using clean, natural active ingredients extracted from plants that are grown using the biodynamic method - without the use of chemicals. Resulting in pure, ultra-effective concentrated products that achieve stunning results whilst nourishing the hair, respecting the body and protecting the environment.

Why Choose Organic ?

Choosing organic is a way of life, a conscious choice. It is choosing to use clean and healthy products that do not harm our bodies or the environment. It is being eco-conscious and choosing sustainable packaging, renewable energy and fair-trade. It is saying “No” to animal cruelty. It is knowing that you don’t have to choose beauty over health.

By choosing organic hair care, we help to reduce the toxic burden on our bodies by reducing our “chemical consumption”. The skin (including the scalp) is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it. If you choose conventional hair dyes and hair products you may be exposed to over 5000 chemicals, some of which are shown to disrupt the natural hormonal balance in body, or to be carcinogenic.

Benefits of Organic Hair Care

Your hair and health will thank you when you make the conscious swap to professional, organic hair care.
Naturally derived ingredients, such as the pure oils, waxes and butters found in the OWAY hair care range, protect and nourish the hair and scalp, providing shine, protection and lasting health for your hair whilst avoiding potentially dangerous chemicals.

Phytoprotein blends re-plump the hair fibre, improving its structure from one treatment to the next. Ammonia-free bleaching ensures the hair fibre and scalp are protected, with no offensive toxic fumes. Only the pleasant, calming aromas of the essential oils extracted from the plants grown on the biodynamic estate in “Italy.” - thank you.

Amazing salon highly recommend!! Will be my new local for hair and beauty needs! Amazing service and I love the fact everything is organic!! My hair has never felt better when going blonde!!
Shauna Donaldson

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