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Get Rid Of The Frizz, Naturally

To really embrace and appreciate whatever type of hair you have, you need to “counteract the frizz effect” as Oway puts it.

Not only just with curly hair alone, the “frizz effect” can happen to straight, fine or wavy hair and is due to the hair being brittle, dry, and knotty.

The Main Causes Of Frizz

Genetic Predisposition: the cuticles that cover the cortex of the hair are naturally pre-disposed to opening excessively.

Aggressive Treatments: aggressive products used in salon treatments or at home can damage the hair structure.

Hair Dryers and Straighteners: heating tools that use extremely high temperatures can stress the hair, resulting in a straw-like effect.

Factors Related to Physical and Psychological Health: such as emotional stress or eating disorders.

Climatic Factors: wind, humidity, sea-salt, and excessive exposure to the sun (hello Whitsundays!).

The underlying cause of frizzy, dry and damaged hair in all cases is a lack of hydration.

A Natural Hydrating & Anti-Frizz Solution

Hstraighten by Oway is a smoothing and taming program to suit the specific needs of dehydrated frizzy hair. This deeply rehydrating formula is a smoothing, anti?frizz and unwanted excessive volume reducer all-in-one. Whilst conditioning, moisturising and polishing the hair fibre.

How Does It Work?

The naturally derived filming complex in synergy with Avocado and Coconut oils, glyoxylic acid and the specific pH of the Hstraighten formula, paired with the heating action, promotes new structure to the amino acid bonds inside the hair making it more malleable and easy-to-style.

The ethical, organic and biodynamic ingredients contained in the formula provides extreme brightness, remineralises the hair fibre and balances the lipid component of the hair, resulting in smooth, soft, and shiny hair that is visibly healthier.

What’s In It?


A plant active ingredient with an extraordinary illuminating power, Mullein extract increases hair shine progressively, treatment after treatment. It provides protection from photo?oxidative stress due to UV rays, resulting in younger and healthier hair.


The minerals found in Dock help to replenish the capillary fibre, whilst Vitamins A and C offer energy and antioxidant protection. Cultivated using the biodynamic method, a pure farming technique that excludes the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.


Rich in saponins, which provide restructuring and moisturising qualities. Elasticising and nourishing, Date improves the structure of the hair fibre over time. The presence of flavonoids provides an antioxidant action that helps fight cellular ageing and protects from external aggressors.

With a natural bouquet of Lemon, Jasmine, Nettle, Peony, Pink Pepper, Labdanum, Cane Sugar, Cedar and Musk this fragrant formula mixes fresh floral and fruity notes with sweet and enveloping musky ones.

Whether wavy, straight or curly – shiny, smooth and tamed hair is where it’s at! And now it’s possible to achieve this with a product that respects the hair fibre.

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